CrossFit Benefits For Military Recruits

How CrossFit Improves Your Mental Health

Over the past decade, CrossFit has motivated the fitness community into daily competition with quick workouts of the day (WODs) in a group or online group atmosphere. 

And for people who are contemplating a military enlistment, getting involved in CrossFit training can help you prepare.

While the requirements and training for each branch of the military are different, Crossfit connects to the military, and it can benefit you when you enlist.


Crossfit’s Connection To Law Enforcement

Crossfit has its roots in being designed for military, law enforcement, fire, and those training “for the unknowable.” 

According to Greg Glassman, the founder, CrossFit aims to prepare its practitioners for any physical contingency by engaging in broad, general, and inclusive fitness.

Today, police academies, tactical operations teams, and special operations teams all use CrossFit as their “principal strength and conditioning program,” according to

In May 2010, the U.S. Army published a 69-page study evaluating the CrossFit program and its effects on combat fitness. 

The study found that up to 7,000 members of the U.S. military were using the CrossFit program regularly in 2005.

Since then, that number has grown exponentially; there are now over 58 non-profit military CrossFit affiliates throughout the world, to include affiliates at many major U.S. Army installations like Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Fort Polk, Fort Knox, Fort Meade, Fort Leavenworth, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Military Academy.

It’s no secret that as soon as military personnel are shipped off to boot camp or basic training, fitness becomes heavily incorporated into their lifestyle. Physical activity becomes second nature and is essential to keep in the best shape for performing day-to-day duties.


CrossFit Benefits for the Military Recruit

Mental Toughness

CrossFit workouts require a high-intensity mindset with the ability to push past exhaustion in a variety of the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) type workouts that make up many of the CrossFit workouts. Training hard and not quitting does develop a form of mental toughness and resilience that can go a long way for the young military recruit.  


Competitor & Teammate

Going into the military with a mindset to be a competitor – whether it is against the clock and personal best performances or other recruits for physical fitness awards and best times – is beneficial.

But also being a helpful supporter to fellow teammates, recruits, and other members of the military is engrained in the CrossFit group training programs. There is nothing wrong with training to compete, but being a good supportive team player with fellow recruits is a must for new military members.


Strength and Muscle Stamina 

CrossFit Athletes have a unique combination of strength from lifting weights as well as higher repetition calisthenics / lighter weights. These qualities will benefit recruits during boot camp and even harder selection programs. 

Workouts that mix carries, crawls, lifts, bodyweight exercises, and short and fast running create a high level of anaerobic endurance and general physical ability needed during many events like obstacle courses, group PT, and shorter runs. Pushing your anaerobic threshold is tough and builds a strong and tough athlete.


Obstacle Courses 

CrossFit athletes do well with obstacle courses as long as they practice rope climbs and use their legs to climb and save their grip strength. The CF workouts are great for the high intensity of obstacle courses and similar timed events.


Raleigh CrossFit Collaborates With Navy Recruiting

At Neuse River CrossFit in Raleigh, we joined hands with our local Navy Recruiting Office.

For the owner John Prescott, his background in the army inspired an opportunity to connect with the community. The gym is now working with the local navy recruiting office by giving recruits a space to exercise. 

During the recruits’ Crossfit training, they learn what to expect with basic training, and all the coaches are supporting them by providing extra mentorship and preparation.

Motivated young men and women who are preparing for a career in today’s military give us hope for our future, and we’re honored to support them during their journey. 

When you’re looking for a Raleigh gym that will help you prepare for the unknown, call Neuse River. 

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