CrossFit Gift Guide For Fitness Enthusiasts

6 Benefits of CrossFit

It’s that time of year again… 

Trying to figure out what to give others for Christmas. And people are asking you for gift ideas for yourself. 

So we’ve done the hard work and we’ve compiled a list of the top CrossFit gift ideas, perfect for all the fitness enthusiasts in your life so that you can set a Gift-Giving PR this year.


Apparel & Accessories

Athletes can always use more gym clothes. 

After sweating in them all year long, most workout clothes need to be burned and replaced. Shirts, headbands, and other accessories are great, but we recommend asking your athlete what size, style, and brand that they would love to have.



CrossFitters are hard on their shoes and usually need to replace them fairly often. 

Due to the nature of CrossFit workouts, we need shoes that can take a beating and are great for lifting.


Grips & Gloves

With our gymnastic movements, weightlifting, and squatting, we’re hard on our hands and knees, between work on a barbell, pull-up bar, and climbing rope. There are lots of grips and gloves to help put some distance and protection between your athlete’s buttery soft mitts and the forces that seek to tear them to shreds. 

Knee Sleeves

Athletes in knee sleeves are easy to find in a CrossFit Box, and for good reason — they work. They’re a simple, yet effective piece of gear that most athletes can benefit from. They give small performance benefits, as well as help reduce soreness in the knees and prevent injury. For knee sleeves, there are many options, like Rehband Original and Nordic Lifting. You’ll want to make sure to check sizing charts and ask your athlete what size they need to get the right fit.

Jump Ropes

Probably about once a year, we have to change out our jump ropes because they’ve worn out. We’re all at different stages of development, which requires different weights of rope and speed of the handles. We recommend you ask your athlete about this one first. Sometimes we need the rope and new handles, and sometimes we just need a new rope. 

You can find the perfect rope from Axel Design, Rogue Fitness, or Wod Nation.


Wireless Headphones

Nothing pairs better with a WOD than some music! Wireless headphones are vital for listening to music while you’re training and good music is key for tough training sessions! The last thing you want is to be pushing through the WOD or mid-deadlift and get caught up in wires, so wireless headphones are the perfect gift for your CrossFit enthusiast. 

Water Bottle

If going to the gym is a part of your athlete’s daily routine, a water bottle is a must-have when it comes to what you need to pack. A good water bottle will keep drinks cold and ensure great post-workout hydration.


Gym Bag

Having a workout partner or accountability buddy helps people reach their fitness goals, and a recent study concluded that CrossFit members experience a sense of community, satisfaction, and motivation. The community you join at CrossFit will support you and encourage you and keep you accountable to your goals.

Now that you have this sweet stuff make sure you have a good bag to carry it all in. When you have your shoes, jump rope, clothes, water bottle, and whatever gym stuff you need in one place, you’ll always be prepared for class!



Give the ultimate holiday present: new ideas for healthy and delicious meals. Staying healthy is one-part exercise and one-part eating right. Cookbooks are packed full of delicious recipes that are nutritious, as well as filling. Cookbooks can provide a constant source of kitchen inspiration and healthy dish ideas for anyone in a culinary rut, whether your athlete’s skill level is Top Chef or Kitchen Nightmares.


Whatever you choose, we can assure you that your CrossFit athlete will be grateful. 

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