11 Ways To Stay Motivated During COVID-19

11 Ways To Stay Motivated During COVID-19

While staying at home, our physical activity is likely more limited, and many also feel less motivated to maintain the activity levels we had before the coronavirus pandemic began. Here are 11 ways we can boost our motivation during this time to stay active and continue working toward health and fitness goals.

1. Write out a checklist

Planning each day ahead of time can help you create a sense of purpose and restore your motivation. Putting together lists of simple, achievable quarantine goals for each day will help you stay on track each day.


2. Stretch and mobilize

Stretching is often overlooked due to a busy schedule. But regular stretching helps increase your range of motion, improves blood circulation, and alleviates tension throughout the body. Spend a few minutes in the morning stretching before you begin your day. 


3. Get outside if you can

Check the latest guidelines from your local government for your area. 

Take a walk, jog, or ride a bike if you can, and maintain a safe distance from others. 

The fresh air will benefit your mental health as well as your physical health. Studies have found that breathing fresh air and being outside, for even 15 minutes, helps relieve stress and make us feel more alert.

4. Get cleaning 

Unfortunately, we don’t mean lifting this time. It’s been proven that being surrounded by a messy and unorganized space makes us less productive. So no excuses and get that vacuum cleaner out. Having a clutter-free space will give you a much-needed feeling of peace.

5. Set goals 

We all do it at the start of the year. We all make New Year’s Resolutions. Being half-way through the year means we can revisit the ones we’ve broken or set new goals.

For many people, team-based challenges in fitness tracker apps are highly motivating! Join a group and set a challenge for the most steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, or calories burned.

6. Sweat it out 

Even if you don’t have access to a gym, you can still get a good workout. And we could all use some extra endorphins. 

You’ve probably seen an increase in people posting and sharing workouts from home. There is a wide array of options for virtual classes and workouts. Depending on what kind of exercise you enjoy, and your budget, there will be something online and ready to get going in as little as ten minutes.

7. Stay accountable 

Once you select a goal, being accountable to yourself or others can help you achieve it. You can keep a simple chart on your phone or your fridge to check a box for every day you work out.

You can also set up an accountability plan with your gym buddy. Let them know when you plan to train each day and how. Have them share the same info with you, and when the time comes, text each other to check that you’re both following up on your plans.

8. Fire up the stove

Many things may be beyond our control right now, but the way we eat isn’t. Sure, we want comfort food during this somewhat stressful time, but well-balanced meals should also be part of the equation. Now is the time to get creative in the kitchen. 

9. Stay connected

If you feel unmotivated, lonely, or lost, reach out to friends and family for support. Group-calls are your new best friends. There are so many platforms for group video calls now: Zoom, FaceTime, and even Instagram. Pick one and catch up with your friends.

10. Go to bed early

Your body will thank you for the extra rest and recovery after months of hard work. Plus, keeping a normal sleep schedule will help you stay consistent in your routine.

11. Look forward

It’s essential to stay optimistic. If you’re feeling too tired or unmotivated to exercise, focus on how energized you’ll be when you’re done, and how it will get you closer to your long-term goals. Staying hopeful about the future will also help. Believing the future will bring races, events, and workouts among friends is vital.

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